regarding christian wolff


Experiences in the World of Art

Experiences & Skills

Figure Drawing Model: I worked through college as a figure drawing model in the Art and Architecture departments at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas

Art Gallery Owner: After college, I opened my own art gallery in Topeka, Kansas. It was called The Exceptional Dream Art Gallery. My first show featured works of many of the Kansas State University Art Department professors. I was directly responsible for all aspects of gallery establishment and operations. This included interior layout design, lighting design, construction (carpentry & electrical work), art procurement, art care & protection, advertising, accounting, public relations, sales, curation, and event management.

Event Management: I have managed a variety of events including gallery openings, concerts, theater, dinner theater, and non-art related events.

Website design: I have created both simple and complex websites and have familiarized myself with a number of site builders including site builders provided by GoDaddy, HomeStead, WordPress, BlogSpot, Yahoo, GroupSpaces, & Elementor.

Installation and Construction: In addition to the work in my own gallery building lighting structures, wiring the lighting system, staging & installing shows, I assisted in the wiring of the Manhattan, Kansas City Park Amphitheater, designed and constructed theatre sets, assisted in the set construction of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with the First Presbyterian Church Theater in Fort Wayne, Indiana and most recently, I have participated in on-site event-site scouting & practical assessment for outdoor events with Bring My People Up (BMPU) & Bring Black Up (BBU) in Fort Wayne’s Lebamoff Reservoir, Lawton, & Swinney parks. In hanging art, I am familiar with and a fan of Arwakawa Hanging Systems.

Printing: I have experience in the commercial printing industry both large and small including 4 color large press platemaking.

Art Criticism: I have written (and published) solicited music reviews for Group Magazine. These were reviews of record albums. I was a volunteer film screener for the 2017 Hobnobben Film Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Photography: I have skills as a photographer and possess a considerable portfolio.

Photoshop: I am familiar with and fairly adept with PhotoShop.

Stonecutting: I have worked as a stonecutter carving tombstones with sandblasting equipment.

Canvases & Stretchers: I can stretch canvases and remove & preserve painted canvases from their stretchers . I can also place painted canvases onto stretchers.

Matting & Framing: I can operate a matt cutter and have considerable experience with framing

Commercial Work: Other than work I have done for my own business and activities, I have done graphic design and sign-making for The Fone Crisis Center in Manhattan, Kansas, The Cat Association of Topeka (C.A.T) – a “No Kill” cat shelter in Topeka, Kansas, and most recently, Cherubim Development and Training Program (job training for young adults with special needs) in Wheaton, Illinois

Performing Arts: I have acted, directed, and written plays for the stage.

Sound Engineering: I have constructed sound sets and run sound boards operating as many as 24 channels at a time.

Stage lighting: I have a minor amount of experience with stage lighting.

Event Contracting & Promotion: In the management of events I have engaged in contacting and have supervised teams in event promotion.

Continuing Education: Outside of courses which were a part of my formal education, I have taken a course in sculpture at Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus and a course in oil painting from Alexander Rokoff in Portland, Oregon.

Art Museum Visits: In addition to art galleries and shows, I have visited a number of art museums which include:

  • The Musee du Louvre, Paris, France at least 4 times.
  • The Musée d’Orsay, Paris France at least 4 times.
  • The State Hermitage Museum/ Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • The Sistine Chapel/Vatican Museum Galleries, Vatican City 2 times.
  • The Museum Hundertwasser, Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna, Austria.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago at least 12 times.
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO at least 12 times.
  • The Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon at least 6 times.
  • The Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington.
  • The Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, Washington at least 6 times.
  • The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana at least 4 times.

I am presently a member of The Art Institute of Chicago

Business, Leadership, & Advocacy:

I have 12 years of experience managing my own business as the sole proprietor of a psychotherapy practice.

I have studied law extensively in a variety of contexts and am comfortably familiar with basic legal tenets, form, meanings, and the language used in reading and writing documents which have legal implications.

I have supervised volunteers in the production and management of music events, mental health crisis work, elder care ombudsman work, fund raising events, graduate students in computer operations, graduate students in psychotherapeutic techniques, and interns in their work toward licensure as mental health professionals.

I enjoy encouraging the arts locally. I purchase art from local artists when I can, attend gallery openings and monthly “art walks.” I enjoy the symphony and have been a member of the Portland Opera Society.

Family & Upbringing:

As a child I received praise for skills as a graphic artist under the tutelage of my father and in school, my skills were acknowledged by both teachers and peers.

I sold my first watercolor at age 10 for five dollars. and in 7th grade won a state competition with another watercolor.

My maternal grandmother, Annabelle Bahler, of Wabash, Indiana, was an accomplished watercolorist and oil painter. Her focus was on Indiana landscapes and historic Indiana architecture. She also taught and encouraged me.

I retain some degree of skill in drawing, watercolor, and oil painting.