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Work History Not Included on my Professional Résumé.

As a kid:

  • Lawn Mower, Topeka, KS – As a kid

In High School:

  • Dishwasher, Casa Del Sol Mexican Restaurant, Topeka, KS – High School Summer Job (First “Real” Job)

  • Music Critic/ Review Writer, Group Magazine, Topeka, KS – During High School

  • Environmental Work, Youth Conservation Corps, Topeka, KS – High School Summer Job

  • Department Store Retail (Stereo & Men’s Clothing Departments), Richman-Gordman – During High School

  • Book Store Retail, Town Crier Bookstore, Topeka, KS – During High School

  • Garbage Man, Asst. to Independent Contractor, Topeka, KS – Summer between High School & College

In College:

  • Janitor, Varney’s Bookstore, Manhattan, KS – During College

  • Pizza Deliverer, Pizza Hut, Manhattan, KS – During College

  • Newspaper Deliverer, Manhattan Mercury, Manhattan, KS – During College

  • Football Game Crowd Manager, Kansas State Wildcats, Manhattan, KS – During College

  • Life Drawing Model in the Art & Architecture Departments, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS – During College

  • Silo Builder, Constructed Silos & Other Agricultural Buildings with the Butler Brand – College Summer Job

  • Tombstone Carver (Sandblasting & Placement), Stoneworx, Manhattan, KS – College Summer Job

  • Soundboard Operator/Amphitheater Wiring, Parks & Recreation, Manhattan, KS – College Summer Job

  • Grain Delivery, Delivered grain to large commercial grain storage silos, NE KS – College Summer Job

After College:

  • Flour Mill Worker, worked as assigned at a large commercial flour mill, Topeka, KS

  • Bakery Worker, Wonderbread, worked primarily in shipping, Topeka, KS

  • Lithographic Platemaker, General Printing (September 1984 to September 1985), Large Commercial Press, Topeka, KS

  • Printer’s Assistant, Small Press, did most work associated with printing, Topeka, KS

  • Electronics Assembler – line soldering, Topeka, KS – Temporary Work

  • Mail Sorter, USPS Contractor, Topeka, KS – Temporary Work

  • Pet Food Line-Worker, General Mills, Topeka, KS – Repeated Temporary Work

In Fort Wayne After 2017

  • Musical Instrument Case Constructor/ Assembler, Gator Cases, Fort Wayne, IN – Temporary Work, 2017

  • Clean Up/ Janitorial Crew, B.F. Goodrich/ Michelin, Woodburn, IN – Temporary Work, 2022

  • Machine Operator Packaging Cake Decoration Candies, CK Products, Fort Wayne, IN – Temporary Work, 2022

  • Forklift Operator & Warehouse Materials Handler, Hawke Sports Optical, Fort Wayne, IN – Temporary Work, 2022-23