regarding christian wolff


Why “Regarding” Christian Wolff?

The word,“regarding” expands the utility of this website. Inasmuch as I am a multi-purpose person, I need a website which serves multiple purposes. People will be visiting this site for a variety of reasons.“Regarding” is a simple word and does not rule out any of my purposes.

“Regarding” means, “with reference to,” or “in consideration of.” It’s as simple as that. It draws attention to its subject, Christian Wolff, period.

“Regarding” is non-leading. It is neutral and non-persuasive. Presented on this website is the good and bad of me, the high and low of me, the nuanced me, the bold me, and depending on the nature of your thinking, the me which may be more relevant or irrelevant to your own purposes. It is proudly designed an “as is” presentation.

In the pages of “Regarding Christian Wolff,” I am attempting to be transparent. That which is presented about me relieves me of the tedium of guessing how I will be assessed by the reader and as well, the tedium of pretense.

When forming opinions about other persons, there are no universal standards. I cannot predict which aspects of my history and personhood will be regarded as good or bad, great or horrible, useful or useless, and so on. In the best of all worlds, working with others involves the harnessing and employment of compatible sensibilities. I want the reader to have a sense of what I think of myself as, together, we decide whether we can combine resources satisfactorily toward common goals.

“Regarding Christian Wolff” is simply a presentation of Christian Wolff for the reader’s consideration.