regarding christian wolff


Why is there so little revealed on this front page?

There are a number of reasons the front page has so little content.

This site is not designed as a normal website.

The front page is designed to be an internet “proof of existence” page.

The front page is primarily a contact page.

If you are on the site, it is likely you have already had some sort of direct contact with me or have been referred by someone you know.

It is likely you already know something of what I’m about and why you came to the site.

The site is not designed to facilitate “cold calls.” That is, I am not attempting, with this site, to make myself searchable in search engines.

My “campaign” is primarily word of mouth, person to person, and as I may have the good fortune to bring it about, face to face.

This site contains numerous pages. These are targeted pages and access to them require “code words” to be entered as extensions to the URL (quicker and easier than “passwords”).

You may have already been given access to some of these pages. If not, I can give you access to the proper pages as our situation calls for it.

Consistent with the visual design of the page, this allows me to keep things simple, condensing my larger site to something customized for any given reader.

It avoids distraction and keeps things relevant.