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What is Interdisciplinary Social Science?

Christian Wolff has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Social Science in addition to his B.S in Psychology and his M.A. in Clinical Psychology. It is integral to who he is, what he does, and what he can do.

What  Can I Do with an ISS degree?

Unlike a field such as architecture or accounting, an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science is not training for a specific job.  ISS provides valuable skills for a broader application across the job market.  In fact, because of the broad range of study and a flexible program geared toward ‘real world’ issues and problems, ISS graduates have options for applying valuable insights and skills to a rewarding career.

Here are a few of the major skills you can gain through your ISS study, all of which are highly desirable in today’s job market:

  • Research skills
  • Creative approaches to complex problems
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Refined communication abilities
  • Team project experience
  • Broad scope of knowledge and global perspectives

Career options for ISS graduates include (but are not limited to) legislative aid/analyst, research analyst, assistant planner, federal and state agencies, public administration, and city and county planning departments, social studies teacher.

ISS students have a significant advantage in career planning thanks to a university Career Center liaison embedded within the department. Visit the Career Services tab for more information.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The College of Arts and Sciences offers six interdisciplinary majors that provide opportunities to study multiple disciplines rather than the narrower focus required by a major in a single discipline.

Social Science

The Social Science Interdisciplinary major focuses primarily on human institutions and behavior, examining their interplay from the perspective of various disciplines.

The social sciences include American ethnic studies, anthropology, economics, geography, history, mass communications, political science, psychology, sociology and gender, women, and sexuality studies.

Cutting across these varied disciplines, the interdisciplinary Social Science major offers more latitude in its curriculum design, allowing students to pursue unique intellectual ventures, particularly those that require the synthesis of multiple disciplines.

It can also serve as an undergraduate pathway to graduate programs.

The major is not available to those students earning a degree in one of the individual social science disciplines.

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