regarding christian wolff


I’ve already been given a customized navigation menu for this site. So how did I end up HERE?

Don’t worry! It is okay that you are here. You are only a little lost if at all.

THE QUICK FIX: Simply replace the word “stoneground” in the URL with the “key word” you’ve been assigned. That’s it. If you need, read on.

The front page and the contact page are the same page. I did it this way because it is likely you already have some idea as to why you’ve come to this site, AND this may be the first place you arrive when you visit my site at

You may need to contact me first in order to get special access to additional pages via a customized set of page links – so … here’s your contact form.

The PUBLIC front page you just came from is nearly identical to the front page which has (or will have) on it, your custom page links. That is, your custom navigation menu. And since you are here, you should know that all the contact forms on this site work in exactly the same way.

How do I get back to my CUSTOM PAGE?

If you have a custom page, you know how you got there. Just repeat the process. That process involves adding your assigned extension to following a slash. For example, if your assigned word is “newday,” you would add newday to so it looks like:

If you look near the top of your screen, you will see a long narrow box. In it, you will see

because “stoneground” is the name of the page you are on right now. Click on the “Return to Front Page” button, and write me if you still need help.